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Misadventures of Beasley

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Benefit Trail Ride of Death
Oh-my-god! These trail riders mean business. I was invited to participate in the Annual Stewart Buffer Lands Benefit Trail Ride. This is a trail ride where you pay a small fee and it benefits a group that works to keep this park open for horse people and trail riders.
Teeny, tiny, itty, bitty Baby Beasley

Teeny, tiny, itty, bitty Baby Beasley: [I love writing these types of articles for my common-sense rancher friends in Arizona. I know they are rolling their eyes at me already and I will get calls of disbelief and astonishment in about 5 minutes! :)]

So here we are, colder weather and the horses are coming in at night. I bed Baby Beasley’s stall with 4 - 5 new bags of shavings a week on top of whatever is left there.

Baby Beasley covered in shavings
Every morning, I come into the barn and Baby Beasley is totally covered in shavings. You know how most horses have a little patch of shavings on their hip or a few shavings locked into their tail hairs. Really the only evidence that they have laid down is this little tiny patch of shavings.
My obnoxious little brat...
We love clinics (well, maybe I do and he endures them. Beasley’s favorite pasttime is eating 2nd cut hay at my expense and luxuriating in 1 foot deep bedding.)
Beasley, The Little Tease
So here I have been thinking that little baby Beasley is a victim. He has these huge bite marks all over his butt from this other horse we have, Skyler. Hands on hips, I look sternly at Skyler for biting my little baby horse. In the meantime, I have been dabbing little dollops of goo to soothe the little “oweys.”