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Brighten Up Every Day With Fun and
Lively Fridge Magnets
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2 x 3 inch Refrigerator Magnets
These colorful made-in-America magnets look great and really stick on tight, too. So not only do they brighten up your kitchen, but they also have solid holding power to keep your lists, reminders, coupons, and photos stuck on your fridge but good!
$4.99 each

Funny Magnets With Silly Sayings
Silly cowboy: Trucks are for girls!

Where's my coffee?

Barn Cats Rule

World's Biggest Horse Nuts

Time not spent at the barn is time wasted

Behind every good horse is a human cleaning up

What's cookin', good lookin'?

I was normal then I bought my first horse

We came, we showed, we kicked butt

A woman needs two animals: The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it.

Treat me like a Thoroughbred and I'll never be a nag.


Horsework before Housework

Horsework before Homework

Look out I mean business!

Messy House Spotless Barn!

Morning Warning: Before coffee and After coffee

My ass is too big but I married him anyway

America (horse dressed as Uncle Sam)

Sorry! But that barn smell is my aromatherapy

Be all you can be...Kicked, bitten, thrown, slimed, etc.

My two rules to start the day: 1. Don't talk until I've had my coffee 2. Never break rule #1.

I live in a house but my heart is in the stable

Ride a draft! It'll make your butt look smaller

Bury me at the stable, then I know my wife will visit me.

Born to ride, forced to work

Born to ride forced to go to school

Proud member of the equestrian elite

My friend's love me just the way I am

It's a horse's world, I'm just here to rustle up the feed

Don't be fooled by the mess in the house, the real treasure is in the barn

There's a fine line between hobby & mental illness

I'm not goofing off, I'm strategizing

Even a bad day riding is better than a good day working!

Thank God it's Friday

Owner: Where I lead, he will follow...Horse: Are we home yet?

I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch. -Gilda Radnor

If you think I'm high maintenance, then you haven't met my horse

When you've got it, flaunt it.

If it weren't for coffee, I would have no identifiable personality whatsoever...

I could fix that new shirt of yours!

Would you like fries with that?

We walk together to better plot your downfall...

If I cared, you'd see a different side of me...

You're not yourself today, I noticed the improvement immediately!

I don't do perky!

I'm definitely up to something!

Don't go to bed angry, stay up and plot your revenge!

Proud owner of a very pretty but useless horse!

Give me the coffee and no one will get hurt!

I got up this morning...for this?

I'd like my mornings better if they started later!

I'm not getting up until the coffee's on!

I don't have a problem with coffee, I have a problem without it!

Beasley the Wonder Horse: Trail Riding...I doth protest!

Beasley the Wonder Horse: Did someone say

Beasley the Wonder Horse: Normal people worry me!

Don't go to bed angry, stay up and fight!

Normal people worry me!

Jumper: Yeah!?!? But can you ride?

Jumpers: Not for Weenies!

Eventer: Yeah?!? But can you ride?

Eventer: Not for Weenies!

Still Plays with Horses (pink version)

We don't haul for 6th place!

Whoo hoo! Life is good!

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend unless they can be pawned for a good horse!

Oh! Oh! Pick me...I'll pick a willing horse over a gorgeous one - every time!

There's nothing like a barn full of hay! (Especially if it's been stacked by someone else!)

If it ain't with horses, it ain't worth doing!

Still Plays with Horses (blue version)

Mucking Crazy!

One can never have too many horses!

Dirty dishes, Clean dishes magnet. You receive one magnet and flip upside down or right side up depending on need.

I know just enough to be dangerous! Magnet

I need a new man, I broke the last one Magnet

Help! I need somebody Magnet

Laugh at your problems, everyone else does Magnet

I don't like morning people, or mornings or people Magnet

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good! Magnet

Things I want in life!

Funny Magnets Based On Pam Stone’s
Only Horse People Book
Only Horse People have less of a wardrobe than their horse

Only Horse People will fail to associate whips, chains and leather with sexual deviancy.

Only Horse People know their financial priorities

Only Horse People know it's always their fault - I'm not worthy!

Only Horse People have a language all their own - Kinky

Only Horse People can gross out an entire dinner party by discussing the more delicate areas of grooming

Motivational Magnets
Jumper: What would life be if we had not courage to attempt anything - Vincent Van Gogh
Seize the Day
Live your dream each day
The future belongs to those who dream
...there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a Thoroughbred horse
Horses are my therapy
Wherever you lead, I will follow...
Good friends rub you the right way
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiam
I'd rather spend time with a guy in overalls than Kings & Queens - Thomas Edison
...He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul...Psalm 23:2-3
The only way to have a friend is to be one...-Ralph Waldo Emerson
It only takes a second for a horse to tell the difference between a good horseman and a bad one
The road to success is paved with stones of failure
A good horseman is the only friend a horse will ever need
Eventer: What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
Dressage: The Power to win - the design to impress and the ability to command respect...
A horse is like a violin. First it must be tuned...(more when you open)
Born to Passage
Dirty dishes, Clean dishes magnet. You receive one magnet and flip upside down or right side up depending on need.
Say I won't and I will!

Pretty Horse Magnets & Sayings
Horses! (grey horse)

Happiness is acres of pasture

Horses are my passion

Tally Ho!

Horses (vintage art)

See you on the Polo Fields

Secretariat: Still the best!

Paint my world SPOTTED

It behooves me to love you!

Horses are my freedom...

It's all about the horses!

Appaloosas: The brighter, the bolder, the better!

To me, peace is in the pasture...

Two jumpers nose to nose

Stolen kisses are always the sweetest!

Horses are angels with invisible wings

Horses are proof God loves us!


Heaven is filled with horses!

Still Plays with Horses (pink version)

Follow your dreams...(In-hand at Devon)

Mare and foal

My treasures do not glitter...they cleamin the sun and neigh at night!

...there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a Thoroughbred horse. -John Galsworthy

Still Plays with Horses (blue version)

Horses make my heart go clippity clop!

Horses make life more beautiful!

I'm a gypsy at heart!

Horses 1

Blanketed Horse

Born to Ride Hunters

Born to Ride Jumpers

Born to Ride Western Pleasure

Born to Ride


I love horses 1

I love horses 2

Life is good, horses make it better! Magnet

Nothing says "Good Morning" like a nicker from your horse! Magnet

All you need is love Magnet

All you need is love Magnet

Who rescued who? Magnet

Gypsy Vanner Series
(but great for anyone who loves beautiful horses)
Addicted to horses

If it ain't with horses, it ain't worth doing

Horses make life more beautiful

I'm a Gypsy at heart

Horses make my heart go clippity clop

Our New Retired Line
Retired: Put out to pasture and lovin' it!

Retired: Don't ask me to do a thing but ride my horse!

Dog Magnets
I love my Corgi

You just can't beat a pair of Jacks

Love my Jack or don't come back

Retailers, please call for pricing on magnets & displays.