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About June Evers & Beasley

June Evers is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and a horse person of almost 40 years. She has appeared on TV shows such as Petsburgh USA as their “horse lifestyle advisor,” The Pet Department, Good Day NY and various local stations. She currently co-hosts a radio show called Horse Talk that you can hear every Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. EST by logging onto She also appears at Equine Affaire and events demonstrating how to make horse treats and presenting horse drawing clinics. She mainly trail rides and attends locals clinics whenever she can. (“I just love going to clinics. It’s a great way to socialize and get your horse out.”)

Beasley is Thoroughbred/Percheron/Quarter Horse cross, and a PMU horse. (A PMU is a by-product of the hormone replacement therapy drug industry. They need pregnant mare urine to make Premarin and other estrogen drugs, and foals are a by-product of the process. Many are unwanted, so always look to horse adoption agencies, rescues and retirement agencies like or before purchasing a new horse. You never know where you’ll find a diamond in the rough like Beasley!)

Beasley is now 8 years old and was adopted at 18 months from a horse rescue that was hosting a PMU Adoption Day open house. He currently is trail ridden, does some light dressage for his back, attends numerous clinics, and can be seen at various events wearing his pants and bow tie. Since he was adopted so young and couldn’t be ridden, he was trick trained and taught to wear all sorts of clothing until he was old enough for saddle training.
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