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Say It Loud and Say It Proud-
Bumperstickers for Horse Lovers!
Great for your car, truck, trailer, tack trunk, school lockers, kids rooms, you name it, and perfect as inexpensive gag gifts, too! Vinyl bumperstickers $2.99 each.
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1 Bumper Sticker Sized Magnet - Stick a bumper sticker to your car without
A woman needs 2 animals: The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it
A woman's place is on a horse
Alpha Mare
Anyone can ride, it just takes talent to stay on
Are you going to cowboy up or just lay there and bleed?
Barn Brat
Be all you can be: Thrown, kicked, bitten, slimed, stomped on...
Beware the mare
Bite me Dressage Queen!
Bite me Hunter Princess!
Born to ride...forced to go to school
Born to ride...forced to work
But officer, that's not a U-turn, it's a roll back!
Call my shrink, I bought another horse
Caution Horses: Do not tailgate
Caution: I gelded the horse and he wasn't even tailgating!
Caution: Stops to look at horses!
Decal: New Rub On Decal - BUCKING HORSE. 4 x 4 inches. No back ground!
Decal: New Rub On Decal - HUNTER HORSE. 4 x 4 inches. No background!
Diamonds are not a girl's best unless they can be pawned for a good horse!
Dressage riders never die, they half pass over!
Driver carries no cash. All spent on horse
Eventers defy gravity
FOMHLMAO: Fell off my horse laughing my ass off!
Forget the cowboy! I want the horse!
Fox hunters out fox everyone!
Golf Courses: Just a waste of valuable pasture land
Green Rank Stud Inside!
Happiness is acres of pasture!
Hell hath no fury as a chestnut Thoroughbred mare
Horses are my therapy
Horses make me happy!
Horses make me happy! You? Not so much!
I can muck thirty stalls before breakfast...what can you do?
I do whatever my horse tells me to do
I love horses - RED
I love my Corgi!
I love OTTBs!
I make mud, dirt and horse hair a fashion statement!
I was normal then I bought my first horse
I whisper but my horse doesn't listen
I'd like you better if you were a horse!
If found, please return to the barn!
If my savings were as big as my manure pile, I'd be rich.
If you think I'm high maintenance, then you haven't met my horse
If you're gonna ride my bumper, then you better put a saddle on it.
I'm just cantering through life
It's a horse's world, I'm just here to rustle up the feed
Jack Russells: They're football shaped for a reason
Just a few flakes short of a bale!
Kiss my apps!
Labrador Retrievers: I love my Lab!
Leave only a set of elevens
Love my Jack or don't come back
MAGNET Bumper Sticker Magnet - Stick 'em to your car without
Make your hobby horses!
Manure happens!
Messy House, Spotless Barn...Where's the problem?
Mother mucker
My dually eats foreign trucks for breakfast!
My horse ate my allowance
My horse ate my paycheck
My horse bucked off your honor student
My horse is more pampered than my boyfriend
My other car has a horse trailer attached to it.
My parents think I'm in college!
My quarter horse beat up your fourth-level dressage horse
No Jumps No Glory/ Know jumps Know Glory
Proud owner of a very pretty but completely useless horse
Quarter Horses
Retired: Don't ask me to do anything but ride my horse
Retired: Just horsin' around
Retired: Put out to pasture and LOVIN' it!
Ride a draft...It'll make your butt look smaller
Screw Wall Street! All my assets are in the barn!
Silly Cowboy! Trucks are for girls
Sorry! That barn smell is my aromatherapy
Still plays with horses
Tacky and terribly unrefined
Take my boyfriend, stay away from the horse
This would be a Ferrari if my WIFE didn't own a horse!
Trail riders do it in the woods.
Treat you like my horse? Yeah, right!
We came, we showed, we kicked butt
We don't haul for 6th place!
When I grow up, I wanna be a dually
WWGMD? What would George Morris do?
Yeah but can you ride?
Yes! I smell like a horse... NO! I don't consider that a problem!
You can never have too many horses
You don't have to be crazy to work at this barn, they'll train you!
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